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In this case, poliomyelitis may be suspected, especially in the presence of an epidemic outbreak.

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baclofen in making the correct diagnosis can occur when the patient comes under observation after a long period of time, and patients with obstetric paralysis usually turn to orthopedists at a later date, when secondary changes have already developed.

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In this case, the anamnesis is of decisive importance: in case of baclofen, the appearance of paralysis is preceded by anxiety of the child, high temperature. Obstetric paralysis is detected immediately after childbirth. Serological blood test for poliomyelitis can help to make the correct diagnosis. It is also necessary to differentiate obstetric paralysis from a fracture of the clavicle and shoulder. With a fracture of the clavicle and shoulder, local pain is pronounced, and movements in the hand and fingers are preserved, which usually does not happen with paralysis.

Of the complications of baclofen paralysis, contractures that develop quite early due to muscle imbalance are in the first place.

Contractures, becoming stable, fixing the limb in a vicious position, by themselves can turn the child into a severe cripple, while the phenomena of paralysis have completely disappeared. A fairly common complication of baclofen paralysis of the upper limb is posterior subluxation or dislocation of the head of the radius, which can cause limited mobility in the elbow joint, as well as pronation and supination of the forearm.

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With age, there is a lag in the growth of the paralyzed arm, deformation of the head of the humerus, articular cavity of the scapula and acromion - a hook-shaped bend of it anteriorly. Sometimes there are respiratory disorders (asphyxia, shortness of breath), indicating concomitant damage to the phrenic nerve. Treatment for obstetric paralysis should be started as early as possible once the diagnosis is made. The results of treatment largely depend on this. From medicines are shown: proserin intramuscularly, dibazol.

Physiotherapeutic treatment of obstetric paralysis consists of thermal procedures, massage and gymnastics. Massage should be applied in the form of stroking and light rubbing, avoiding strong irritation. Massage sessions at first should be short (3-5 minutes). Gentle warmth: water baths 37°C, blue light (Minin's lamp) . At a later date (after 2-3 months), electrical stimulation of the muscles with a pulsed current under the supervision of a physiotherapist, without causing muscle fatigue.